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How to use ACF-50® Corrosion protection

Being pro active about corrosion control is the best way to protect your investment. Regular ACF-50® treatments reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability and value. ACF-50®'s advanced corrosion control properties, protect all ferrous and non ferrous metals and electronics. Kills corrosion on contact.

A Simple walkthrough video of the application process of ACF-50®.

ACF-50® is an 'Anti Corrosion Formula' that is utilised on aircraft carriers to protect the aircraft from the effects of salt water on their metal. It is also used by many motorcycle owners to protect their bikes through the harsh winter months. ACF-50® will prevent any corrosion or damage caused by salted or gritted roads and being electronically safe can be applied to the majority of the motorcycle. Due to its exceptionally slippery nature it MUST not be applied to the braking systems or tyres. The reasons behind this are self explanatory. Do not do it!

Tom Rowland: Why Corrosion Block is essential to coastal living

Tom Rowland from Saltwater Experience explains why Corrosion Block is essential to coastal living.

How to apply ACF-50® Corrosion Block

Corrosion applications and explanations.

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