Vapour Blasting Portfolio

It's easy to tell you how great our work is, how our process yields great results - but don't take our word for it - check out out our portfolio of before and after vapour blasting projects by Rocket Performance.

Brian vapour blasting engine parts for Louis Skebo at PowerModz

Brian recently worked with Louis Skebo from PowerModz to restore snowmobile engine parts. Louis was amazed at the results - check them out for yourself.

BMW motorcycle - concours grade rebuild

Anthony was starting a concours grade rebuild of his BMW. After not being happy with the soda blasting results, Anthony brought all of his alloy parts to Rocket and was thrilled with the results.


vapour blast of bmw motorcycle parts before


vapour blast of BMW motorcycle parts after

Vincent twin engine - ready for a Norton Gearbox

One of our clients came to us with a set of grimy Vincent twin engine crankcase halves. The engine had likely suffered a gear box failure and the gearbox has been machined off. Our client wanted to clean the engine up and get it ready to put into a custom build where the Vincent engine will drive a Norton Gearbox.


vapour blast of vincent twin engine crankcase before


vapour blast of vincent twin engine crackcase after

NSU Supermax

This NSU Supermax had been in need of a serious rebuild for some time. At some point, the engine got covered in gasket cement and it was a mess.


vapour blast process of NSU supermax before


vapour blast process of NSU supermax after

Spic and span and ready to rebuild.

1962 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

This bike has been in the same family since new in 1962. One of three siblings that learned to ride on this bike still owns it. He decided it was time for a royal quality rebuild so he brought all of the alloy parts to rockets for a thorough cleaning.


vapour blast process of Honda super hawk before


vapour blast process of Honda super hawk after

vapour blast process of Honda super hawk after

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