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Vapour Blasting

Receive a 5% discount on your first vapour blasting parts that have been blasted by another process.

You have to see the difference to believe it.

Vapour Blasting Services

Whether your vapour blasting project is large or small, our team of experts can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right.

The vapour blasting process is suitable for aluminum, magnesium, copper, bronze and brass. It is often referred to as wet blasting. The benefits of this process include:

  • no dimensional changes or warping
  • environmentally friendly
  • leaves a semi-gloss; closed-surface finish like in original condition
  • resists finger print and carbon oil stains
  • accomodates parts up to 20 x 20 x 24 inches

There are dozens of applications for vapour blasting, the most common applications include motorcycle, aviation, motorsport and snowmobile restoration and rebuild projects. The process is ideal for cleaning and restoring engine and related alloy parts.

Brian recently worked with Louis Skebo from PowerModz to restore snowmobile engine parts. Louis was amazed at the results - check them out for yourself.

Check out our gallery of past work as well as some testimonials. Our multifaceted company is here to assist by providing a wide range of services at affordable prices. To speak with an experienced member of staff, simply contact us at 416-419-3161 at your earliest convenience.
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There are many benefits to vapour blasting find out the details here.

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We offer discounts to new clients as well as parts that have been abrasive cleaned. Read more

We use vapour blasting for automotive, motorsport, aviation and water craft industries. See examples of our work.

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Watch Brian work on a cylinder head in this video

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