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Corrosion Protection

Laboratory tests and field evaluations ensure that each formula produced meets high corrosion protection standards and customer expectations.

ACF-50® Anti-Corrosion Formula:

Lear Chemical ACF-50® Anti-Corrosion Formula was originally designed for aircraft applications. With this anti-corrosion lubricant compound, you can bring aerospace quality corrosion protection to your motorcycles, marine equipment, heavy-duty vehicles and motor parts. This ultra-thin fluid compound uses advanced polar bonding technology to actively penetrate the tightest areas of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and electronics.

  • Kills corrosion on contact
  • Displaces moisture
  • Safe on electrical components
  • Effective for up to 24 months

Corrosion Block® Formula:

Lear Chemical Corrosion Block® is specially formulated to protect against moisture and salt, killing corrosion on contact and leaving behind a thin hydrophobic film for future protection. This anti-corrosion compound actively protects metal using advanced polar bonding chemistry, and synthetic additives in its formula penetrate corrosion cells, replacing salt water so that it can evaporate.

  • Kills corrosion on contact
  • Chemically neutralizes salt water
  • Functional in water, mud and snow
  • Ultra-thin fluid won’t harm plastic or painted surfaces

Corrosion Block® High Performance Waterproof GREASE Formula:

Lear Chemical Corrosion Block® High Performance Grease is specially designed for maximum rust and corrosion protection under severe conditions. Functional in both high and low temperatures, waterproof, non-conductive, and multi-grease compatible, this is a corrosion protection grease formula you can trust on your power sports vehicles, marine equipment, industrial vehicles, motor parts, and more.

  • Won’t dry or wash out
  • Excellent EP properties and thermal/oxidative stability
  • Meets or exceeds NLGI Service Classification GC-LB #2 requirements
  • Workplace safe and environmentally friendly

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