Water Jet Cutting Portfolio

It's easy to tell you how great our work is, how our process yields great results - but don't take our word for it - check out out our portfolio of Water jet cutting projects. The time to complete the water jet cutting process varies depending on the size, thickness, complexity and composition of the material.

These are just a few examples of different materials that we have recently used water jet cuting to create.

Water jet cut of a cylinder head spacer:

water jet cut cylinder head spacer

Water jet cut of an electrical control panel:

water jet cut electrical control panel

Water jet cut of a wooden instrument panel:

water jet cut wooden instrument panel

Water jet cut of a motorcycle art piece made of stone:

water jet cut motorcycle art piece made of stone

This is a water jet cut of a thick aluminum section:

water jet cut thick aluminum section

This is a water jet cut of a bicycle art piece made of acrylic:
water jet cut acrylic art bicycle

We value any word of mouth referrals. We will offer the referee and the new client a 2% discount on their first service.

We offer a variety of products that inhibit corrosion on metallic surfaces from Lear Chemical Reserach as well as waterless coolant solutions for engines from Evans.
water jet cutting process icon

There are many benefits to water jet cutting find out the details here.

cost of water jet cutting

We offer discounts to new clients as well as parts that have been abrasive cleaned. Read more

videos of water jet cutting work

Watch Brian work on a cylinder head in this video

water jet cutting quote

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