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Brian vapour blasting engine parts for Louis Skebo at PowerModz

Brian recently worked with Louis Skebo from PowerModz to restore snowmobile engine parts. Louis was amazed at the results - check them out for yourself.

Watch the vapour blasting process in action on a Yamaha XS750 cylinder head.

Vapour blasting yields a semi-gloss surface finish that is clean with a closed pore strucure.

The surface finish is resistant to oil, grease and dirty fingerprint stains.

Water quality is maintained by a closed loop filtration system. We use a 15 horsepower air compressor.

We offer a variety of products that inhibit corrosion on metallic surfaces from Lear Chemical Research as well as waterless coolant solutions for engines from Evans.
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There are many benefits to vapour blasting find out the details here.

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We offer discounts to new clients as well as parts that have been abrasive cleaned. Read more

We use vapour blasting for automotive, motorsport, aviation and water craft industries. See examples of our work.

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