Rocket Performance vapour blasting process was reviewed by Glenn Roberts. He asks What's your time worth? Download the review of the vapour blasting process here.

These are some testimonials that have been sent in by Rocket Performance clients. We always appreciate feedback on our products and services so that we can continue to provide optimal customer service. If you have a story to tell about Rocket Performance share yours.

Norton commando motorcycle
"I took my cylinder head and crank cases from the 74 Norton Commando that I am restoring to Brian at Rocket Performance for Vapour Blasting. The aluminum on both the head and the cases was in very bad condition and I was not looking forward to the proposition of cleaning them by hand. Brian took very special care with them and I was delighted with the outcome In fact they now look like the bike just came out of the showroom. Great job Brian thanks"
Jack P., Pickering, Ontario

Photo of woman
"I was really impressed with the extensive knowledge and professionalism of Brian at Rocket Performance."

Natasha, Toronto

It's easy to tell you how great our work is, how our process yields great results - but don't take our word for it - check out out our portfolio of before and after vapour blasting projects by Rocket Performance.
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