Vapour Blasting Process

Vapour blasting (or wet blasting as it is also known) is an ideal process to clean non-ferrous cast alloy parts for restoration, or in preparation for weld repair or non-destructive testing. It introduces no dimensional change nor does it heat or warp the part. It leaves a semi gloss; closed surface finish that mkes the part appear like it did in its original as-cast condition.

The process name comes from its use of a blasting media in water slurry, which is accelerated against the work piece with an air-blast. The basic steps we take are:

  • Ensure parts are free of grease, dirt and oil
  • Vapour blast parts
  • Rinse and air-dry the parts
  • Inspect and repeat until part is finished
  • Apply a corrosion resistant barrier to any ferrous parts such as cylinder liners.

The process is closed-loop and environmetally friendly. Both the blast media and water are recycled extensively.

While we prefer to receive the parts in an oil and grease-free condition, we will happily degrease the parts at our standard hourly shop rate.

The process is superior to any dry blasting process for restoring alloy parts including glass bead (the beads break down and can embed into the work), soda (slow cleaning, not thorough), and dry ice since all of these processes leave an inferior open-surface which is susceptible to finger print and carbon/oil stains and are more likely to introduce dimensional changes to the part essentially damaging the part and reducing its value.

Rocket Performance's Vapour Blasting Cabinet can accommodate work pieces up to approximately 20 x 20 x 24 inches. This allows for a wide array of motorcycle, motorsport and aviation engine and similar parts to be accommodated.

Watch the vapour blasting process at Rocket Performance on a Yamaha XS750 cylinder head using a 15 horsepower air compressor in this video.
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We offer discounts to new clients as well as parts that have been abrasive cleaned. Read more

We use vapour blasting for automotive, motorsport, aviation and water craft industries. See examples of our work.

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Watch Brian work on a cylinder head in this video

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