Vapour Blasting Pricing

We are pleased to provide a sample price list for your review. The time to complete the vapour blasting process varies depending on the size, model, surface area and soiling on the pieces. Our current shop rate is $70/hr

Here is a rough guide for a selected group of products:

  • 4-6 cylinder, automotive cylinder heads, 1 to 1-1/2 hours each
  • 8 cylinder intake manifolds, 1 hour
  • Motorcycle wheel hubs, 30 minutes
  • Twin cylinder motorcycle engine, head, barrels, crankcase halves, side covers, 2.5-3 hours
  • Motorcycle carburetors (set of 4), 30 minutes
  • Degreasing and or paint stripping requires additional time which will be charged at our standard shop rate.
  • Removing all moving/working parts including bearings and jets is an additional $10 per item

Rocket Performance's Vapour Blasting Cabinet can accomodate work pieces up to approximately 20 x 20 x 24 inches. This allows for a wide array of motorcycle, motorsport and aviation engine and similar parts to be accomodated.

Download our print friendly vapour blasting brochure explaining the process.

Call us at 416-419-3161 to discuss your project and given our past work, we will give you an accurate quote.

We value any word of mouth referrals. Receive a 5% discount on your first vapour blasting parts that have been blasted by another process. You to see the difference to believe it.

We offer a variety of products that inhibit corrosion on metallic surfaces from Lear Chemical Reserach as well as waterless coolant solutions for engines from Evans.
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There are many benefits to vapour blasting find out the details here.

We use vapour blasting for automotive, motorsport, aviation and water craft industries. See examples of our work.


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Watch Brian work on a cylinder head in this video

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