Rocket Performance Ltd. considers its partners an integral part of the team and gratefully acknowledges them for their support in enhancing our product offerings as well as facilitating knowledge exchange on best industry practices.

Walridge Motors Limited LogoWalridge Motors Limited is a mail order business selling replacement parts for antique and classic British Motorcycles to customers who can provide part numbers from either a factory parts manual or the Walridge Motors Catalogue, for the parts they are looking for.

Ontario Norton Owners LogoThe Ontario Norton Owners (ONO) encourages the preservation, restoration and the sharing of technical information for all Norton motorcycles, the riding of this unique marque and the fellowship of all its members and their families.

Evans Waterless Engine Coolant LogoEvans Cooling Systems, Inc. has pioneered innovative aqueous and non -aqueous cooling systems for internal combustion engines, both gasoline and diesel, for over twenty five years. John W (Jack) Evans and J. Thomas (Tom) Light have worked continuously on the development of cooling system technology design since the 1970's, having worked with some of the biggest auto companies and names in auto racing.

Lear Chemical Research LogoLear Chemical Research Corporation offers a unique array of commercially proven corrosion inhibiting products in both bulk and aerosol forms which are designed to prevent, inhibit and control the growth of corrosion on metallic surfaces.Thier specialty penetrants and lubricants, available in liquid, thixotropic gel and grease forms, provide technically superior solutions to most industrial and consumer corrosion problems.

If you haven't had a chance to watch the vapour blasting process in action; see how Brian works on this Yamaha XS750 cylinder. Give us a call at 416-419-3161 and we would be happy to answer any questions.
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We offer discounts to new clients as well as parts that have been abrasive cleaned. Read more

We use water jet cutting for automotive, motorsport, aviation and water craft industries. See examples of our work.

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Watch Brian work on a cylinder head in this video

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