Corrosion Protection FAQs


ACF-50® (Anti Corrosion Formula) was developed to protect aircraft and their electrical systems from corrosion. Aerospace products meet the highest performance standards and for more than 25 years ACF-50® has continued to meet or exceed those requirements.

ACF-50® uses on motorcycles are very similar to those on aircraft. Sprayed into the structure, joints and welds, under the tank and seat and all electrical connectors, where corrosion happens unnoticed. ACF-50® will work to prevent corrosion and structural degeneration. Where corrosion is already evident it will help inhibit further progress by insulating and electrically switching off the corrosion cell.

  • Kills existing corrosion on contact and prevents new corrosion from forming.
  • Chemically neutralizes the corrosive effects of road salt
  • A clean clear ultra thin fluid which leaves a non-greasy atmospheric barrier to protect base metal
  • Will not dry out or trap moisture in
  • Safe to use anywhere on the bike (except brake pads and rotors) and can be sprayed directly into electrical connections and components to prevent corrosion induced failures.

Use ACF-50® as external fogging oil before seasonal storage and vehicle will be continuously protected against corrosion caused by moisture and condensation.

ACF-50® is safe on paint, most rubbers and is also excellent used on plastic trim without leaving the residue of silicon. Using ACF-50® as your preventive maintenance product keeps your ride fine-tuned while increasing reliability and value.


Complete anti-corrosion solutions for airframe, avionics and ground support equipment. Entering the aviation market in 1985, ACF-50®'s 27 year time tested; proven record of performance is trusted by Commercial Airlines and Government Agencies. Lear Chemical was the first to offer complete after-market/in-service Corrosion Preventative Control Programs (CPCP).

Pioneering the concept of treating the complete aircraft (airframe and electrical systems) rather than only 'spot treating' for corrosion made our ACF-50® 'fogging process' the standard by which all have followed.

Regular ACF-50® treatments for your fleet will reduce maintenance costs and improve overall flight safety and aircraft readiness. Lear Chemical's pioneered application methods and specially designed equipment; deliver ACF-50®'s penetrating fog to all critical aircraft structure. Technicians at ACF-50® Corrosion Treatment Centers offer complete airframe applications usually timed to you GA annual. Only ACF-50®'s advanced corrosion control properties protect both the airframe and avionics systems. The US Government, commercial airlines, fleet operators and general aviation users have, through years of testing and use, proven ACF-50® delivers tough anti-corrosion protection. ACF-50® has endorsements or approvals from twenty-seven airframe OEM's and meets industry (AIRBUS, Boeing, Douglas, Mil-Spec) anti-corrosion performance requirements.

Reduce Maintenance costs. Improve on-time readiness!

  • 27 year proven track record at preventing and deactivating corrosion
  • Significantly reduces corrosion events in both structure and electrical systems
  • Easy and inexpensive to apply
  • Ultra Thin Film promotes weight reduction, improving payload capacity
  • Removal no required for re-application, creates no HAS-MAT residue, saving time & money
  • Non-toxic (no SCBA required) Low VOC and 50 State compliant, with a pleasant odor
  • Protects against all common electrolytes (orange juice, coke, coffee, de-icing fluids, toilette fluids, acids, etx. per AIRBUS TNA 007.10138)
  • Will not interfere with NDT procedures

Truck Fleet

Today’s vehicles are constructed out of more aluminum which needs special protection. Corrosion Block contains targeted additives to prevent galvanic action between dissimilar metals like aluminum and steel. Corrosion Block is OEM hub and wheel approved and when regularly applied to these mating surfaces prevents them from corroding together.

Engine and chassis electrical system integrity is crucial in today’s fleet environment. Keeping these primary systems operational means improved safety and optimized fleet performance. Corrosion Block’s moisture proofing 40Kv dielectric properties works both as a preventative and a cure for common electrical problems. Spraying contacts, connectors, battery terminals etc. as part of regular maintenance checks will ensure these systems work at optimum performance.


Corrosion Block’s non-toxic, non-greasy atmospheric barrier protects metal surfaces for up to 18 months. It can be sprayed, brushed, or wiped onto marine electronics, batteries, circuit panels, standing rigging, fishing gear, inboard and outboards, and is compatible with plastics or rubber component found on your boat. Being “Pro Active” about corrosion control is the best way to protect your marine investments.

Regular Corrosion Block treatments keeps money in your pocket and your boat running smooth.

Recreation motor homes

Corrosion Block is an all purpose lubricant that can be used in motorhomes. Use it for sophisticated electronics, better contact and corrosion protection, to loosen rusted fasteners, protect electrical contacts, lubricate mechanical steps, awning slides and hydraulic jacks.

Corrosion protection may also be used on battery terminals, tow vehicle connectors and tow bar. Anything that squeaks can be fixed with Corrosion Protection.

ATVs and UTVs

Being "Pro Active" about corrosion control is important to protect Winter Powersport equipment.Corrosion doesn't sleep when it gets cold and neither does Corrosion Block's unique chemistry. It kills corrosion on contact. Using Corrosion Block for Pre-Winter Tune-ups or Post-Winter Storage will improve reliability and reduce repair and labour costs

  • Corrosion Block is a clean fluid that actively protects metal and electronics using advaned polar bonding chemistry.
  • Protects metal components down to -70°F
  • Synthetic additives in Corrosion Block completely penetrats corrosion cells, replacing the moisture whick is then allowed to evaporate.<
  • Corrosion Block is safe; it's nontoxic, nonflammable, and nonhazardous, with a nonflammable aerosol propellant.


Anti Corrosion fogging oil protects metal and electronics during play and storage. It chemically neutralizes salt water and the hydrophobic film provides corrosion protection all season.

Corrosion block can be use for snowmobile cables and linkages, rear shocks and suspension, battery terminals, instrument panel connectors, electrical multipin-plugs, engine castings components, front suspension fasteners and components

We offer a variety of products that inhibit corrosion on metallic surfaces from Lear Chemical Reserach as well as waterless coolant solutions for engines from Evans.
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