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Jay Leno's Garage

In a recent interview for Jay Leno’s garage Mike Tourville of Evans USA talks about the benefits of waterless coolants. Jay has been using Evans since he first installed it in his Merlin powered Rolls-Royce 16 years ago and has had no more problems with overheating or corrosion.

How Kevin converted his truck to Evans waterless coolant

Kevin, from Trucking Business and Beyond, is converting his 2005 Frieghtliner with a Mercedes Engine. Kevin has owned trucks for over 20 years and recently came across Evans waterless coolant and decided to convert 2 trucks. He immediately found fuel milage increases, and that he could run the trucks hotter. Evans is a lifetime coolant that eliminates corrosion, minimizes cavitation issues with cylinder liners and water pumps, eliminates boil over, avoids electrolysis and eliminates vapour and pressure from cooling system.

Never overheat again...the cure for your motorcycle

Ron changes the antifreeze on the KTM 530 EXCR motorcycle. The EXCR has a thermostat that brings the engine temperature up quickly at start up. Ron addresses the heating and cooling problem with silicone hoses and Evans Powersports and high performance waterless coolant.

Edd China: Water is the root cause of corrosion in engines

Edd China explains corrosion in the cooling system due to the inherent problems with water. Water is the root cause of corrosion in engines. Current antifreeze formulations regularly fail to prevent cavitation, oxidation and galvanic action, eating away pumps, radiators, liners etc. Corrosion build-up, inhibitor drop-out and lime-scale precipitation significantly reduce heat transfer efficiency and accelerate overheating. Evans Waterless Coolants eliminate all causes of cooling system corrosion

Edd China: converted a Triumph TR6 to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants

Wheeler Dealers, Edd China converted a Triumph TR6 to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants. The episode gave a detailed account of all aspects of conversion from the Prep Fluid flush to finish. The coolant Edd used was our High Performance Waterless Coolant which is particularly suitable for this era of car and will eliminate the overheating problems that can be common with Triumphs. The new owner will also find the coolant won't cause corrosion or cavitation and will extend the life of components such as the water pump. Edd also demonstrated how the unique properties of the waterless coolant prevent pressurisation of the cooling system by removing the radiator cap whilst the vehicle was running. Don't try this with a water-based coolant!

Louis Skebo from Powermodz: 265 degree test of a snowmobile engine with Evans Waterless coolant

Louis tests Evans waterless coolant. Louis installs Evans waterless coolant in his Polaris 600 XLT and runs it up to 265 degrees and then take the heads off to look for damage - check the video for results!

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