motorcycle chrome
The restoration solution for non-ferrous metal

We provide professional and reliable cleaning services for motorcyle, aviation & watercraft parts.

Professional Vapour Blasting, Water Jet Cutting Services and Products

As a leading provider of vapour blasting and water jet cutting services, we take pride in offering the best custom restoration or rebuild services in Canada.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and we guarantee that you will be happy with the results. Rocket Performance Ltd. has worked with dozens of clients in its short history and can provide numerous testimonials for work completed.

  • Vapour blasting or wet blasting is the ideal way to restore non-ferrous castings to their original condition without damage.
  • Water jet cutting is a process that cuts complex and repeatable shapes out of many types of materials.
We offer a variety of products that inhibit corrosion on metallic surfaces from Lear Chemical Research as well as waterless coolant solutions for engines from Evans.
waterjet cut metal

The ability to cut any shape out of materials such as aluminum, stone, plastics and more without changing or damaging the material. Read more

vapour blasted metal

The Vapour blasting process uses an accelerated air blast of water slurry on the metal. Read more